Sunday, 17 October 2010

Intangible Observations on Human interactions

"Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge" - Plato

I thought that by now i would understand things. Some at least. I've always been under the impression that, as time goes by, the issues i could not find a solution to, in the past, would somehow whither and disappear and that i would never come across them. But the trick is that, when you follow the same path, you tend to reach the same result. More often than not, the world appears to be disguised in a wise manner as such, behind these rows of linear events.

The more i spend trying to understand some people (the very few i am bothered to attempt and do so) the clearer it is that i will never succeed. Push comes to shove, it would seem that the people i try hardest to understand are those i least manage to, in the end. And just to make things absolutely maddeningly unhelpful, the reciprocity of this action is amazing. Amazing and annoying. People i cannot possibly care less about are easier to get along with than the few i do seem to care.

I quoted Plato because it promoted me to write about this subject in particular. Desire, Emotion and Knowledge. I have the Desire. That's most certainly checked. I should think that the emotion is still there, for the time being at least. However, by following this logic, it would seem that the thing i am quite proud to say i possess in a fair amount in all other aspects, i lack in a dreadful way with regards to the said topic. Knowledge.

Right. That's about it for my two cents on people and the unbelievably awkward, backwards and illogical way in which they seem to behave. Strange.

Addendum: wrote this while sitting at a pub, looking at the people around. Seems like quite the zoological garden this pub, if i am not mistaking.