Monday, 27 September 2010

Back to work

So we've had some good times and i've had the pleasure of not writing on the blog for a long while now. I never really knew how many people read the things i post here until i stopped posting - and then there would not be one day that i wouldn't get the "When are you going to update your blog?" question. Made me feel quite good, i must admit. So, quick update of these last weeks:

1) Mr. Ciprian Strugariu and i went to Suzuki Fest. Great off road meeting, great trip. On the way back we got to do some off road as well, getting to the Saschiz ruins.

2) Let's Do It Romania - Off Road style. We gathered together, the off road forum and it's members and participated in the Let's Do It campaign, picking up hundreds of kilograms of rubbish from the forests and mountains.

3) Mr. Strugariu and myself planned a day out but due to technical issues on his Mitsubishi, we ended up just doing a soft track in the Defender. Pictures courtesy of Mr. Strugariu