Monday, 1 December 2008

The Pink Floyd in the back of your mind

Well these days aren't as easy or simple as i might have hoped they would be. Rent needs to be paid, stuff done, classes gone to.
This weekend i went to Luton, to see Nelda and to test out a camera. Almost forgot how it is to shoot on 35 mm film. All large or medium format has turned me into a 35 mm vegetable. I processed some films and now am scanning The pictures aren't bad, but considering the camera, i was expecting alot more. Will put some here as well.

Not much has been done over the weekend. Consider the fac that most of the time was spent in bed, watching movies and cooking and then walking in the rain (not in a romantic way - more in a "fuck it's cold, let's get to Felix's house faster" kind of way). but films were shot and time was spent and people who didn't want to be photographed were. Sorry about that. It's what i do.

It's been a whirlwind of stuff going on, with tin foil and duck tape, in a non - sexual, building-another-camera-obscura way. Unfortunately the build had less effect than i would have hoped for, as the rain kept on going and going and going and well we did it but not as well as we would have hoped.

i will try to make sense later